Product & Software Development


I'm Julien Templier

Product and Software Development

  • E-mail julien@templier.dev
  • Location Boston, MA, USA

Product and software developer with an entrepreneurial spirit. Worked on and later led the development of an AdTech platform from its infancy, participating in almost all aspects (Development / DevOps, Product, IT) and ending with a $100M acquisition.

Professional Skills

Product Development
JavaScript / Node.js
IT & Security
Reverse Engineering


Product Development

Product R&D

Research new product ideas and develop new product concepts. Provide product and technical expertise to develop a successful business plan.

Email Deliverability

Authentication and Tracking

Expertise in email deliverability, workflows & optimization of existing email operations.

Engineering Management

Development process and remote teams

Review and improve your development process, get visibility into your team cycle time.

Extensive experience managing remote-only teams.

Rapid prototyping

Backend API, UI and UX design

API prototyping using headless CMS software, frontend development using NodeJS/TypeScript/React.


Technical Support & Tooling

Development of custom workflows and tooling for IT & Operation teams.

Experience with Google Workspace (GSuite), Azure, AWS, Atlassian (JIRA, Confluence). Domain configuration (DNS, Email).

Web development

Backend and frontend

Development of web applications with TypeScript & React.

Work Experience


Director, Product Management


• Consulted with the SSP team, organizing sprints, managing initiatives and designing new features.
• Planned for a new buying platform to serve all the company product ranges.

• Led the implementation of consent management for email, including tooling & initial integration with a third-party CMP (Ketch).
• Designed the public API for the new buying platform with code generation & automated operations / data models documentation.


Principal Product Engineer

OpenWeb (acquired Jeeng)

• Developed the Product strategy for the Email Ad Tech platform.
• Managed the roadmap & initiatives for the email monetization business, achieving large improvements for campaign management and out in-house ad rendering technology.
• Worked on new initiatives, from ideation to external communication plan and rollout.

• Worked with IT on post-merger integration. Led aspects of the migration from HubSpot to Salesforce.
• Improved the publisher tooling with an ad builder, native ad template developer tools, batch workflows and an updated image renderer using Chrome headless.
• Provided technical support & assistance for our Sales, Account Management & Operations teams.


Product / R&D consultant

Jeeng (formerly PowerInbox)

• ESP Research – Researched and documented the requirements for an Email Sending Platform (DNS configuration, bulk email sending requirements, SMTP servers, unsubscribe headers, industry working groups).
• Tooling – Developed a full suite of tools for Publisher Operations with email templating, preview & automated validation and onboarding tools, as well as a Slack bot.
• Consent Management – Researched and designed a consent management system that works in email, with support for industry standards (GPP, TCFv2, US Privacy string).
• Product – Developed requirements for an updated campaign & line-item management system.
• Rebranding – Coordinated the IT and Product aspects of the company rebranding from PowerInbox to Jeeng.


Senior Vice President Of Engineering


• Work with the Product team to determine the quarterly and long term goals and projects
• Review customer contracts, privacy policy & internal policies
• Participate in the product and technical specification process

Development & prototyping
• Prototype a caching CDN with AWS Cloudfront and Lambda@edge
• Write automated tests for our conversation tracking service using BrowserStack
• Write a manual test plan for our HTML rendering service

IT & Infrastructure
• Updated the internal command line tool to a new framework using Oclif & Typescript
• Breach response and analysis


Vice President Of Engineering


• Help recruiting new managers and engineers
• Help define and manage the development process, with custom JIRA workflows
• Write product/technical specifications for new features
• Act as technical reference for the support team. Work closely with strategic customers

• Maintain and update the company billing workflow with new features (integration with invoicing service, credit card fee calculations)
• Prototype a new image renderer with HTML/CSS support using Chrome headless

IT & Infrastructure
• Setup a custom redirect or using nginx for integration into the company hosting infrastructure
• Respond to third party service breaches and handle security issue reports


Director of Operations


IT & Infrastructure
• Responsible for deployment and monitoring of the company technical infrastructure
• Develop and customize Chef recipes for deployment of Scala and NodeJS applications using AWS Opsworks
• Move the company from Skype / Hipchat to Slack. Integrate with build, deployment and collaboration services
• Manage GSuite and other company services. Develop onboarding/departure IT checklists
• Manage and track SSL certificates for the company domains

• Build a billing & reporting service to track invoices & charges, as well as drive the company reporting Portal
• Write a command line tool to help the operations team use internal APIs
• Develop internal & customer facing tools for onboarding and operations (test email sending, email validation, CNAME domain setup, onboarding)


Software Engineer


• Responsible for event collection and analytics infrastructure based on Splunk
• Helped build customer portal for revenue reports and internal monitoring tools
• Implemented internal tools for use by designers and developers
• Serve as interim tech lead

• Lead website team through several redesigns
• Maintained new Wordpress and legacy PHP websites

• Updated and implemented new in-house applications (Twitter, Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn and more)
• Helped maintain Chrome, Firefox and Safari plugins

• Setup and maintained Teamcity build server, used for integration builds and deployment of all versions of our plugins and applications
• Helped move our infrastructure to Azure and AWS
• Managed JIRA projects and workflows for sales and product teams


Engine Developer


• Implemented cross-platform game engines for several games through reverse engineering and studying of original engine code
• Implemented new engine and more than 50k lines of logic code for The Last Express game
• Added work in progress engines for Liath and the Arxel Tribe series of 2d adventure games and helped implementing several parts of the Sanitarium engine, including the dialog script engine, part of the sound and display logic and several hardcoded puzzles
• Maintained internal Visual Studio project creation tool (adding support for Visual Studio 2010 and Code::Blocks), as well as the NSIS Windows installer script
• Added support for Ubuntu Unity and Windows 7 taskbar integration


Independent Software Developer

Delivery Tracker
• Created a desktop widget allowing tracking of packages through several providers (including Amazon, UPS, USPS and FedEx), with Google maps integration
• Implemented auto-update functionality (similar to Sparkle for MacOSX), along with several COM libraries to provide low-level support for Windows 7 taskbar integration, signature verification, command line parsing, zip archives, file downloads and single instance handling,

• Implemented a logon screen resources replacement application, allowing customization of the background and UI elements, with an animated UI using WPF for preview and selection
• Added privilege separation by moving code requiring administrative rights to a separate executable from the UI

Research and prototypes
• Implemented a low-level Windows Communication Foundation API for access to the Highrise web application, working around bugs in the REST API by pre/post-processing the XML data
• Developed an HTML canvas library as an activeX control, with text and shadow support using Cairo and Glib/Pango (including a CSS color parser and a test suite derived from the Mozilla canvas test suite)
• Reverse-engineered DeskScapes API for creation of dynamic dreams (dynamically generated scene using Direct3D, written in C++) and ported several OpenGL screensavers from Xbox Media Center to the DeskScapes API
• Created a command line application for creation of dreams to replace the existing GUI application, along with a test application for easier debugging of dynamic dreams, including bypass of code signature verification
• Updated Flurry screensaver for Windows, adding an editor with presets, support for per-monitor flurries and an updated UI
• Implemented a small desktop application allowing loading of docklets as desktop widgets
• Designed a .NET support library for docklet development, allowing docklet written in any .Net language to be run by dock programs such as ObjectDock


Software Developer


Conception and Implementation of a J2EE application for the French tax office (DGI)

• Worked on one of the applications for the Copernic project (an overhaul of the entire IT infrastructure of the French tax administration), used by end-users to enter company-related information and applicable taxes, from UML modeling of the specifications to implementation.
• Created an UI prototype (using perl and HTML), the main screen template and several screens (using Struts actions, JSP & JavaScript)
• Prepared the weekly report, implement using Maven scripts and collaborated with QA and the validation team in preparation for test deployment



Vision Objects / MyScript

Development of a Dynamic Handwritten Signature authentication framework

• Implemented of a global verification method for handwritten signatures, based on neural networks and integrated results with a preexisting local method, allowing for a substantial performance gain.
• Ported existing reporting application to new versions of the Excel COM APIs


Engineering Student


Semi-Synthetic character generation for on-line handwriting recognition

• Created an Eclipse plugin allowing visualization and modification of characters, with an Unipen file format parser and a custom plugin interface and loader for translating / rotating / shearing and applying a random vector transformation to individual characters



Master of Science, Computer Science

Polytech Nantes


Baccalauréat, Mathematics, Physics

Lycée Camille Guérin